Packed bed Scrubber

Packed bed Scrubber

The scrubbing process takes place in a packed column where the packing provides the necessary surface area and turbulence to achieve the desired removal. The scrubbing liquid is distributed at the top of the packed bed and it flows down at high velocity through the bed where it comes in contact with the gas. This contact allows the scrubbing liquid to remove the contaminant from the dirty gas. The cleaned air contains fine water droplets forming a mist which can be removed from the cleaned air by a mist eliminator. The dust-water mixture is either cleaned or recycled into the scrubber where the accumulated dust is removed with a clarification tank or a drag chain tank. The dust particles can be cleaned after they settle to the bottom of the tank.

In most air pollution control applications, the materials to be removed are usually acidic or basic gases even though in some cases, organic vapors are also present. Most of the inorganic contaminants are Sulphur or Nitrogen oxides or acids. In other cases, ammonia or chlorine is the pollutants.

KARYASIDDHI has the expertise in the design and manufacture of wet scrubbers and each Scrubber is sized and designed for specific customer requirements. We will evaluate fume removal applications to determine the optimum design parameters for each installation. We manufacture Packed Bed Scrubbers custom designed to meet or exceed the specific removal efficiency required for each customer’s application and process.

Typical Packed Scrubber typical applications

  • Acid fumes and gases
  • Chemical fumes and odors
  • Food processing odors
  • Metal finishing fumes
  • Steel processing fumes

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