Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal Fans

A Centrifugal Blower is a mechanical device for moving air or other gases. It uses the Kinetic Energy of the impellors to increase the volume of the air stream, which in turn moves them against the resistance caused by ducts, dampers and other components. It displaces air radially, changing the direction (typically by 90°) of the airflow. Centrifugal fans have the ability to handle a variety of air flows relative to static pressure and temperatures. The fan drive determines the speed of the fan wheel or impeller and there are three types of drives; Direct drive (impeller directly linked to the shaft of an electric motor), Belt drive and Variable drive in which mechanical couplings or electronic variable speed drives are used.

Centrifugal fans or blowers come in two variants based on the impeller design.

1. SISW (Single Inlet Single Width) Fans       2. DIDW (Doble Inlet Doble Width) Fans

KARYASIDDHI has in its range both SISW and DIDW centrifugal fans to suit specific application for all major industries such as FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Food processing, Chemical &Fertilizer, Iron and Steel etc. Depending on how corrosive the fumes are, our fans can be constructed with MS/SS materials as well as special alloys and coatings for higher efficiency and long lasting quality.

Particulars SISW Fan DIDW Fan
Fan Type SISW (Single Inlet Single width) DIDW (Double Inlet Double width)
Duty condition High Capacity and low Pressure. High Capacity and low Pressure.
Impeller Backward curved Backward/Forward curved
Capacity Up to 80,000 m3/hr Up to 160,000 m3/hr
Pressure Up to 150 mm WG Up to 150 mm WG
Application Clean air, Steam etc Clean air
Material of construction MS, SS and Zinc Spray galvanized MS
Temperature Up to 120⁰C Up to 120⁰C
Drive Direct, Belt and Variable drive options Direct, Belt and Variable drive options
Noise Level Less than 85 db Less than 85 db

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