MW/Raidal Blade Fans

MW and Radial blade fans are used in Dust collection, Dust scrubbing and Fume scrubbing applications. As the name indicates MW (Material Wheel) this fan can handle dust and fumes coming out of Dust collector or Scrubber without giving any vibration problems. Dust gets cleaned on its own as the blades are radial in construction. Even though efficiency of this fan is slightly lower than backward curved type fan, still it is recommended for dust collection and fume scrubbing applications. Based on the type of dust/fumes handled material of construction is selected. KARYASIDDHI has expertise in the design and manufacture of MW/Radial blade Fans to suit process conditions in major industries such as Steel, Chemical and Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Mineral products and many more.

General specifications

Particulars Specifications  
Fan Type MW/Radial Blade Fan  
Duty condition Medium Pressure  
Impeller Propeller type  
Capacity Up to 100,000 m3/hr  
Pressure Up to 800 mm WG  
Medium Dusty air, Fumes etc  
Material of construction Non abrasive dust – MS
Abrasive dust – SS 410/Hardened MS
Corrosive dust fumes - SS 304| SS 316| M.S. Rubber lined| MS FRP lined or PP FRP
Temperature Up to 80⁰C  
Drive Direct drive or Belt drive options  
Noise level Less than 85db  

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