Single Width Single Inlet (SWSI) fans are most commonly used when suction duct is required on the fan inlet. The single width fan has the advantage of providing a connection from the duct directly to the fan inlet, without the use of inlet boxes. Single inlet single width fans (SISW) are used mainly for handling Clean Air and for high capacity and low pressure applications.

The product features aerodynamically designed casings and inlet cones, low noise levels and impeller design that allows for air expansion over the entire blade width, with relatively low velocity and minimum turbulence resulting in superior performance.

General specifications

Particulars Specifications  
Fan Type SISW (Single Inlet Single width)  
Duty condition High Capacity and low Pressure.  
Pressure drop Backward curved  
Capacity Up to 80,000 m3/hr  
Pressure Up to 150 mm WG  
Application Clean air, Steam etc  
Material of construction MS, SS and Zinc Spray galvanized  
Temperature Up to 120⁰C  
Drive Direct, Belt and Variable drive options  
Noise level Less than 85db  

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