Our Fan Services

Depending on the application, the fan may be subject to high rotating speeds, operating environment with corrosive chemicals or abrasive air streams and extreme temperatures. Larger fans and higher speeds produce greater force on the rotating structure. Due to these factors, over time fans suffer efficiency losses resulting in increased power consumption.

Our Fan Services

  1. Onsite Fan performance testing
  2. Vibration analysis and testing
  3. Fan noise testing and solutions
  4. Impeller alignment and balancing services
  5. Power optimization
  6. Performance enhancement for existing fans
What we do How you benefit
Capacity calculation We help you calculate the right fan capacity for your operations.
Energy Optimization Energy conservation leads to cost savings
Fan Refurbishment With minimum cost, Fan life extended
Performance testing and enhancement Flow rate, Pressure and Power characteristics are tested and restored to spec
Vibration and alignment service Vibration and noise levels measured and brought down to acceptable limits.
Replacement of Service parts Assured quality of spare parts for fans of any make and design
Trouble shooting services Avoid down time and restore equipment performance

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