Axial Flow Fans

Industrial Axial Flow Fans use a propeller to draw the air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. It is best suited in situations where the quantum of air handled is usually large at relatively low pressure.

KARYASIDDHI Axial flow Fans features

  • 1) Compact and aerodynamic Design
  • 2) Maximum efficiency in terms of air quality, pressure, power consumption.
  • 3) High efficiency aerofoil section blades and cast aluminum alloy with fixed and variable pitch for optimum performance
  • 4) Low noise levels.
  • 5) The balance of all impellers is carefully checked before leaving our facilities to ensure vibration-free running and efficiency of operations

General specifications

Particulars Specifications  
Fan Type Axial Flow Fan  
Duty condition High Capacity and low Pressure.  
Impeller Propeller type  
Capacity Up to 75,000 m3/hr  
Pressure Up to 150 mm WG  
Medium Clean air  
Material of construction Cast Aluminum /aerofoil section  
Temperature Up to 80⁰C  
Drive Direct, Belt and Variable drive options  
Noise level Less than 85db  

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